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Mako and Korra are all like 

And I’m just over here like


You might not fear me, but look who’s afraid of you.

With Nowhere to Go


Hey, Anon! You requested a bondage BBRae, and I got excited. WELCOME TO THE BIRTHDAY QUEUE!

also, slight BDSM warning.

- - -

It would be a lie to say that Beast Boy was not surprised that Raven would let him have the control he did. When they briefly discussed their introductory foray into different facets of their intimate relationship, he had always imagined that he would be the one tied to the bed. He never once thought he would see his girlfriend’s wrists tied tight behind her back and to her ankles, a blindfold over her eyes as she knelt on the mattress in front of him.

He stuttered for a moment as he stared at her, wondering if he had the figurative balls to do this.

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  • Korra book 1:

    Fuck yeah, I’m the Avatar

  • Korra book 2:

    The fuck is the Avatar

  • Korra book 3:

    Fuck, I’m the Avatar



Baymax plush from disney store

P.s i already ordered him lol

"Music has always had a prominent part in all our products, from the early cartoon days. So much so, in fact, that I cannot think of the pictorial story without thinking about the complementary music which will fulfill it." - Walt Disney

Disney villains + quotes

damn, the feels.